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A large UPS system sounds an alarm at 11:00PM on a Friday evening. Facilities personnel immediately receive an email notification from the UPS. Our client then calls the SYSTAT toll-free emergency phone number. The call is answered by our operator and then transferred live to our on-call UPS technician. Our technician meets the client at our customer’s site 30 minutes later at 11:30 pm to begin repairing the UPS.

SYSTAT Emergency Response policy is to transfer every equipment emergency call live to our on-call technicians 24 hours per day, 365 years per year. Nobody wants to wait for return phone call during an emergency. Anything less is unacceptable.  

It is 10:00 am on the 4th of July. Most people are preparing for parties and Fireworks but one UPS sounds an alarm. The client calls SYSTAT’S Toll-Free Emergency phone number. The call is transferred live to SYSTAT’S on-call UPS Technician. The technician immediately leaves for the customer site. Upon arrival the technician determines that full battery replacement is required for the UPS to operate reliably.

Since SYSTAT has ready access to batteries and labor 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, 80 new batteries are delivered and installed on site. The UPS is back on-line protecting critical load by 7:00 pm. Both the client and battery team are home. 

Many challenges in a complex facility require multiple disciplines to resolve.  Expert project management brings all of the relevant specialties, often represented by multiple companies together to focus on solutions.  SYSTAT has decades of experience solving problems for their clients.  Recently a client had a generator that would turn off during power outages just after the ATS transferred to emergency on an over voltage alarm.  Was this a problem that was load related?  Generator control?  ATS?  UPS feedback?  Something else?  SYSTAT assembled a team equipped with proper tools.  A meter was installed in front of the UPS, at the ATS and in front of the generator.  A facility transfer test was performed.  We were able to find an issue with a control board on the generator.  After the board was replaced the test was performed again and all systems were validated and functioning properly for the next power outage.

Not every Full Service/ Extended Warranty sold in the UPS aftermarket provides the coverage and protection that is suggested. Many are limited to the dollar value of the agreement. The SYSTAT extended warranty promises to repair or replace any piece of equipment with like in-kind. Several times in the history of SYSTAT we have repaired UPS systems at a cost to SYSTAT that was multiple times higher than the value of our agreement. 

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