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Emergency Backup Generator Sales & Services



SYSTAT considers backup power generators, ATS and UPS to be a single system made up of three components.  This system must work seamlessly during a power outage.  If any one of these components fails to operate properly or together during a power outage your critical load will be lost.

Caterpillar Generators 320 kVA
Caterpillar Generator Services
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Emergency Backup Generator from 40 kilo watts to 2 mega watts

Caterpillar Generator


SYSTAT offers comprehensive service agreements that cover not only generators but also UPS, ATS, and datacenter HVAC.  As a one stop shop solution we eliminate finger pointing between vendors, reduce your overhead and provide a single point of contact for any emergency.


SYSTAT provides complete generator power solutions from estimation to startup, including turnkey installations and service. We offer you business standby generators

from top manufacturers like Caterpillar, Cummins, and Generac.


In the event of power problems business standby generators would protect your critical infrastructure keeping it up and running with 24/7 power protection. These permanently installed units would start up automatically whenever there are power outages.


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