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Generator & UPS Load Bank Testing

Load Bank Testing

Load Bank Testing of UPS Systems and Generators guarantee that they can support essential and non-essential loads and provide critical system protection. SYSTAT provides on-site load bank testing facilities to ensure our clients get highest level of confidence regarding their overall systems integrity.


Load Bank Testing a Generator proves that the systems will operate at 100% of its rated capacity.  

During a load bank test, an artificial load is placed on the generator. The test is monitored and gradually the kW load is increased in specific increments. The load bank test measures and records critical engine parameters during this process and assesses the generator’s ability to handle the boost, and its ability to continue operating at the highest possible level for a prolonged time period. Contact us to know more! 

Load Bank Testing of UPS system verifies its overall reliability and ability to run at its full kilowatt (kw) output rating. This test is a validation of new installation of UPS and battery runtime. This test will attach a dummy load to your UPS and then test all functions of the UPS.


Typically, a system is running at a level far less than the unit's rated output capability. Our technicians can customize testing per the needs of your organization. By simulating maximum load conditions we identify if your system is capable of supporting full critical load if needed and any possible weaknesses of the system. This minimizes risks to the critical load.


Four step load levels of 25, 50, 75, and 100%, a transfer to battery to check run times and transfers from Inverter to bypass. Thermal Imaging of connections and components may be included. A report using a power quality analyzer is created for each step of the test to demonstrate normal operation of your UPS.







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