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Company Profile - SYSTAT



What we do - We help you to protect your critical facilities

Since 1997, we (SYSTAT) have been an independent provider of premium critical power systems and support services for our clients who are responsible for the operations of their facilities. Our client list includes many recognizable Fortune

500 and Global 1000 companies. Our success is rooted in listening to our clients, focusing on their needs, eliminating surprises and mitigating risks that are damaging to their business. Communication, attention to detail, and high expectations for our services are the hallmarks of the relationship that our clients experience with SYSTAT.


Our commitment -  Reliable services to reduce downtime

We live in an era of intense technology where our customers demand constant connectivity and high profitability. We are committed to provide an agile customer experience with customizable solutions to meet every client's ever growing business needs. We reduce business risks associated with unplanned downtime by delivering mission-critical services with excellence. 


Our mission – Aligned to our vision

We want to meet your ever changing business requirements and lower your capital and operating expenses by providing you with a one-stop shop. This ensures single point of accountability, rapid call management and response handling. We empower our employees towards effective service management and optimized performance. We offer multiple communication channels available for you so that you can reach us at any time and at any hour.


Our team - Delivering excellence

Our team is committed to the best. The best results for our clients and making SYSTAT the best company it can be. Our employees know that their contributions of effort and care make a difference every day.


History That builds our brand equity

SYSTAT began by servicing Northern California and has expanded into a nationwide sales & services organisation.

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