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Intelligent Alerting


GenWatch reduces the probability of a failure to start by about 90%. It directly monitors the important voltages and key parameters in the generator and does not require an interface with any of the generator's existing electronics. As a result, it works with any generator. When the generator needs attention - or changes its status in a meaningful way - GenWatch reaches out directly via text messages to the personnel who are responsible for the generator. It also automatically creates a permanent runtime log that meets the requirements of air quality control authorities.


GenWatch watches these parameters:


Battery Voltage

Utility Voltage - up to 600 vac

Battery Charger Input Voltage - up to 600 vac

Block Heater Voltage (if any) - up to 600 vac

Generator Output Voltage - up to 600 vac

Fuel Level

Starter Terminal Voltages

Voltage Drops in Starter Wiring

Intrusion into Secure Area or Enclosure

Plysical Relocation of the Genset

Scheduled Exercise Starts


Self-contained and Out-of-Band


GenWatch requires no IT resources or support. It communicates directly with the cell phones of those responsible for the generator - via text messages. There is no software to install on any computers, no App to install on cell phones. There is no network interface to setup and manage. There is no server, no client. Just intelligent alerts communicated directly in plain English. It is simple, secure, and easy to use. It even configures itself when it is installed.


GenWatch can be purchased, installed, configured, and used without ever interacting with your IT department.


Reduce Failures by about 90%


The Electric Power Research Institute states that standby generators fail 20 to 30% of the time. At least 90% of the conditions that cause such generator failures are detected by GenWatch. As a result, you can reduce the risk of generator failure by about 90% by installing GenWatch.


GenWatch Saves Money


GenWatch reduces costs by reducing expensive visits to the generator and by reducing failures. The only thing better than remotely keeping an eye on your generator (which GenWatch provides) is having it keep an eye on itself (which it does once GenWatch is installed). You can manage more efficiently by managing by exception – knowing that GenWatch will let you know when an exceptional condition exists.


Automatic Runtime Logging Saves Money and Facilitates Air Quality Reporting


A permanent log is created which permanently stores runtimes, with one-minute precision, according to the

“Categories” called for by Air Quality Control Authorities:


Emergency use,

Non-emergency use,

General Maintenance (including exercise sessions),

Emission standards testing,

Initial Setup and testing,

NFPA compliance testing,

DRP testing,

All Other


These Reports can be obtained at will:


Monthly report, for any specific month, Annual report, for any specific year, YTD through any month of any year, YTD for the current year,

Lifetime – going back to the date GenWatch was installed

Each report includes the electronic hour meter reading at the beginning and the end of the report period.


Protect yourself, and Save Money Simply, Easily, and Reliably with GenWatch. 

GenWatch reduces generator failures by about 90%
GenWatch from SYSTAT


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