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UPS Batteries - Sales and Services 

70% of all UPS system failures are battery related.  Frequent testing, maintenance and monitoring of battery systems are critically important to mitigate the risk of battery related failures of UPS systems.  SYSTAT sells, installs, tests and maintains battery systems.

Data Center Battery
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Battery Tests and Monitoring Services
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Batteries DatasafeHX Group

SYSTAT sells, tests and maintains battery systems for UPS, Lighting Inverters, Rectifiers and start batteries for back-up power generators.  We only install new/fresh batteries manufactured less than 90 days prior to installation.  The batteries we sell and install come with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer.  If your system is under a SYSTAT Service Agreement we will also cover the cost of labor for warranty replacements.



We supply batteries and battery packs for brands including APC, Toshiba, Powerware, Eaton, and many more. We understand your needs so if you are not sure what product you want to buy, please call us at 888.782.8498. We will guide you in selecting the right battery for your equipment.






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