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Facility Transfer Tests 




These components are exercised to verify their overall reliability, and their ability to run the facilities kw output. Transfer testing checks the generator's ability to perform and provide the required horsepower. Second, the UPS handshaking with the generator input voltage, frequency and phase rotation. Third,the ability of the ATS to start the generator and transfer load to generator and back to utility.


There is no better test to validate the correct automatic operation of the entire critical power system than to simulate a utility outage and watch everything work as designed. The load is operated for several hours to verify extended generator operation. Correct breaker settings and sequencing is also verified. This is the best periodic "shakedown" of the emergency power system that is possible. Just as important is the automatic return of the electrical system to "normal" operation once utility power is restored.

Story: In the 1989 San Francisco earthquake a large UPS supported load was only maintained because there was a second back-up generator. The primary back-up generator failed after several hours of operation due to a pin-hole leak in its radiator, resulting in a high temperature automatic shutdown of the unit. Fortunately, the second generator was able to come on-line and support the very critical load while the first unit was repaired. An adequate roll-over test would have detected the problem in the first generator before such a critical outage took place.


SYSTAT will provide a report demonstrating the reliability of your Critical Power System to give you and your clients confidence in your facilities infrastructure.













Facility Transfer Tests.

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Facility Transfer Testing allows the critical power infrastructure system to be tested in a controlled manner.


Critical Power Infrastructure includes:

   - The Standby generator

   - Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

   - Automatic transfer switch


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