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We help you proactively protect your mechanical and electrical support systems in your facilities, against unexpected failure that could cause an interruption in essential operations.  Our predictive maintenance programs are based on the use of advanced information gathering technologies that help these facilities to maintain critical equipment at high performance levels and prevent failures that could cause unplanned downtime with catastrophic results.


- Power quality survey : Our range of monitoring and control products support your emergency or standby power system, automates, simplify and unify your power systems. This not only helps in improving overall productivity but also helps in reducing cost.


- IRSurvey: We provide Infrared thermography surveys to spot problems in electrical systems and equipment. This high-tech tool can help most any business, regardless of when you installed your equipment, since age has no relationship to the likelihood of overheated electrical connections.


- Load Survey: We facilitate on-site power system testing, load management and optimization. Our system helps monitor normal and emergency voltages and frequency; source availability, normal and emergency voltage and frequency; time-delay settings, etc.


- Load Bank Testing: A specialized test designed to ensure that critical air and power systems will function as designed in “real world” conditions.


- UPS Battery Runtime Validation: As part of our predictive maintenance services, we conduct comprehensive inspection of the battery system to predict realistic battery life and system performance.

Facility Validation

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