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Critical Power equipment



SYSTAT represents Toshiba, one of the best brands available in manufacturing industry.

SYSTAT Critical power provides the expertise, services and support you need to keep to protect sensitive computer equipment and facility loads. Our pioneer service insures that your system is operating at peak performance and as a result, your equipment has prolonged life.



- UPS: You can trust us for best UPS maintenance. Our highly trained engineers provide high quality services and support. We cover a wide range of UPS Manufacturers such as :


  • Liebert,

  • Exide Electronics

  • Mitsubishi

  • APC (American Power Conversion)

  • IPM (International Power Machines)

  • Powerware

  • MGE

  • Best

  • United Power

  • Controlled Power

  • Deltec

  • EPE


- Batteries: We provide the best service for Installation, maintenance and replacement.


- PDUs: It is critical to eliminate power management issues for any IT environment and ensure maintain system availability. SYSTAT provides a wide array Power Distribution Units that are key components in managing power capacity and functionality for any IT environment.


- Diesel Generators: Critical power applications are part of every IT industry.  We understand the need to have optional or life-safety emergency Diesel generator power systems. We provide Regular testing and maintenance these generators to keep them highly performing.

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